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"Welcome to my head. My thoughts, dreams and pretty much anything else that gets blurbed out."

"...double your fun" 28 November 2007 |

Double Post Today.

This is totally worth it.

The 9 Most Bad Ass Bible Verses.

*disclaimer: Site have profanity (If you can't already tell by the title)

after action review |

First off, I will start with a Happy Anniversary HT. Love Ya.
(If love notes offend you, stick your head in a jar of maggots. It's my site)

Wow, crazy weeks always drain me of life. This last week, my friends from Canada came to see me and we hung out, played cards and generally had a good time.

I introduced a friend to Munchkin which ended up being a riotous amount of good times had by all.

I finished reading a book in a series. Which oddly enough, I ended up with the 9th book in the series and read about half of it, liked it so much. That I actually stopped reading it and went out and bought the first book in the series so I could catch up with the 9th one. I am currently reading book 2.

I also did the dreaded black Friday sale rush. I got up at 4am and went and stood outside WorstRipoff. Sometimes, I swear people are nuts. I was there at 4:15 am, and it was Packed! The line was from the door, all the way around the building and to the corner about 250 degrees around the building! AT 4 AM!

Needless to say, I thought I was being nuts getting up at 4am but apparently the joke was on me. So yeah, it was a little interesting and crazy.

When I finally made it to the checkout counter the lady started to beep my merchandise and I asked if they gave military discounts. When at some point she looked in my basket and said, "Oh, I can only sell you 2 of those." She was speaking about some DvD's that I had 4 of. So, its 5:03am and I'm really tired, and I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I'll Kill You." with this nice little smile on my face. She didn't even miss a step. She just grabbed the next two, beeped 'em and said, "That will be one hundred and eighty dollars and 53 cents please." So I handed her the money and she reached over to hand me the receipt and I walked out the door.

I wonder if they will let me back into WorstRipoff anymore? I dunno, doesn't matter anymore. After the whole WorstRipoff scandal I really could care less.


holidays 26 November 2007 |

Family, Friends and lots and lots of food. Sometimes holidays are like work more then they are like holiday's. *shrugs* Oh well, I will give an actualy account of my week soon.

Have fun, eat responsibly.


mike huckabee, you get my vote. 20 November 2007 |

Irregardless of the fact that i was already planning on voting Huckabee, he just gave me the ultimate reason to promote him.

alot going on. 19 November 2007 |

First off. http://www.tokyoplastic.com/chase.html -wow

Second. Assassins Creed: After many hours of gaming and way to much time being judgmental i have finally made my decision on Assassins creed.

9/10. That's right fan boy's, it get's a 9/10. Here is why.

Graphics 10/10 : The graphics are wonderful, and sometimes I forgot that i was looking at a game and not a real picture of 11th century Jerusalem. There are a few things that bothered me, mouths not matching talk and things like that. But hey, I'm being really picky. Although, I still believe it deserves a 10/10

Music 9/10 : I'm not going to do like most others and lump in music and sound effects because i really don't believe they belong together. The music in this game however was wonderful. Well composed, and fit the scene almost to a T. However, I felt it was quite lacking in that there just simply where not enough. I kept hearing the same scores being used over and over. Which started to get a little tedious.

Sound Effects 10/10 : Now, when I jump of a large building into a crowd of people, and they don't scream because I startled them, it disappoints me. No disappointment here though. The thud's, screams, swoooshes, slashes, blood spurts and generally getting stabbed was impressive. Every time you had an action, it had an appropriate sound, which is something that you just don't see all to often.

Button Configuration 10/10 : All to often do people lump this in with gameplay and personally I don't think it should. You could have a game with awesome gameplay and then turn around and have the button options so confusing that it makes things way more difficult then they should be. For Assassins Creed though, no such problem. High and Low profile, sheer genius! Combo and Counter-Attack options are easy to learn and skill required to master. Now, I showed this game to a few people in an effort to make sure it wasn't just me being an uber gamer and to my surprise I wasn't the only one who found the system easy yet gratifying. The more skill you gain with the configuration, the better your experience, but not being an expert still gives you a level of intense play that you really don't see to often.

Here it comes, the last two. *SPOILERS*

Story 5/10 : Why oh why! I feel like I just watched "AI" The movie! The movie was awesome until Spielberg got ahold of the end and added aliens. That's how i feel about Assassins Creed. Sure, the interlacing story of the future and the past and all the players therein was good. SERIOUSLY though, why take such an amazing idea as being an 11th century Assassin and stupefy it with it all being memories and being from the future! I can think of nothing that could have ruined this game for me more, then doing what they just did. If the gameplay wasn't so amazing and the graphics so detailed. This game would have flopped in my book simply because of the lack of creativity that it takes to say "Oh! I'm from the future!" It's like "God-Mode" in video games, there is no point in playing anymore once you can't die.

...and finally,

Gameplay 10/10 : Nothing, and I mean nothing beats running over roof tops, landing in a courtyard and quickly rushing up to a guard and stabbing them in the chest or face with a really sharp railroad spike the ejects from your wrist! All, without having to spend hours memorizing elaborate button combinations and hours of practice. I've played the game for hours on end, and still find something new. It's like the designers sat down and said, "Ok guys, we have 15 different ways you can land, 22 different ways to catch, 13 different ways to assassinate and 35 different ways to climb/run/jump. Now. Lets add 100 more to each."...and for the first time in gaming history the designers said, "Sure".

The level of fluid motion the game has created is just intense and with the ability to really climb any surface you come into contact with just opens up a whole new realm of cool. The fact that when you climb something, there has to be a handhold for your character to climb just tickles me in places that i didn't know i had! No longer are you stuck with Zelda : Ocarina of Time style climbing. See wall, see vines, climb vines without actually touching anything that looks climbable. Not in Assassins Creed, if there is no handhold, then I'm sorry, you just don't go up any higher.

Combat is simply wonderful with the button layout of "modes" and fluidly you can switch between combat styles is simply sweet. Remember in that mortal kombat game that sucked where you could switch stances? How there was that second of delay between them and if you didnt time it right the game didn't know you where switching? This, is exactly the opposite. This time, when i hold the "parry" buttons, I'm parrying, but when I go back to wanting to attack. There is no few moments where i have to wait. If I'm in parry mode, and the guy attacks and i want to counter immediately after I parry. Then i just time it right, and when i parry his sword away i hit the attack button. Low and behold, he attacks. No waiting to get out of the stance, no time delay to make the game fair. If the guy turns around, you juke him in the back. Simple as that. In addition, not only did they make facing matter, they made not facing even cooler! For example, you are flanked and the person behind you attacks. If you are ready for the parry and nimbly waiting for your opponent in front to attack, that's fine. Time the attack right with the person from behind you, and your character will deftly dodge and counter the attack from behind as well. Best of all, IT WONT LOOK STUPID AND IMPOSSIBLE! The character will perform a counter that actually dodges and parries the attack from behind. No more having to worry about always staying in front of your enemy. In fact, if your like me and just enjoy making your assailants look like elephants in ballet , then you will get a kick out of letting them sneak up behind you and try and attack.

Bottom Line for Assassins Creed : Buy it. Straight up, pay 60 bucks and walk away happy. You get a game that is worth 60 bucks. If only if you play it through once.


I will possibly post more tonight. Dunno, depends on how tired I am. l8r.


How days change. 16 November 2007 |

Yesterday started out rather annoying. Morning headache (I'm still recovering from a rather nasty cold) and I woke up rather frustrated.

There are some things in life that don't bother me, and then there are those that erk me so bad I want to scream. One of those things, is when people half-ass something. I'm talking that, "Well, I will sweep this dirt under the rug and say I'm done".

I like to think of myself as a somewhat clean person. I enjoy things being tidy, and usually it doesn't bother me when they aren't but sometimes I just get so angry about it.

Here is a perfect example, my waitress last night took our order and then walked away. Well, that's fine, it's what she should do. However, when she comes out and starts to auction our food. That bothers me. Why would you do that? You have a piece of paper right in your hand, that says exactly where your food belongs and to where it goes.

Now believe me, I worked food service. So I know what i'm talking about, and that bothers me.


Some brighter news though, and something I thought was really cool.

On Tuesday this week, the Governor of Georgia actually held a prayer meeting outside the state Capitol to pray for rain for the drought in his state.


Then the next day. It rained.


Ok. That's really cool.

Well, that made my day a little better.

Also, I promise to have a review of Assassins Creed done by Monday at the latest. Currently though, I will let you know that I'm very happy with the way it seems to be going.


Disclaimer 14 November 2007 |

So, I feel it necessary to let everyone know that my posts on this website are going to be my literal thoughts.

I'm not going to censor myself for anyone or anything. So sometimes my posts will contain language or idea's that are not always the most socially acceptable. To bad. I can think of no good reason to restrain myself from posting my true thoughts on a subject.

However (comma) for those of you who know me. You know that what I post here, is exactly what I'm thinking in my head. I'm a huge fan of people saying what they really believe, not what they think they should believe.

For those of you offended. Please, know that you have the utmost power of rebuttal on your side. Unfortunately for you, I also have the ability to take away your freedom of speech on my site.

PLEASE! By all means feel free to flame me to your hearts content on this site. If what you said was sound logic, or a legitimate issue then your comment will stay and I will respond.

Now, with all of that in mind. Today's post.

It's been a good day. Thank You for asking.


"...and away we go." 13 November 2007 |

Well, its complete. As of right now, stage one of testing the code and making it all work is done. So, if any of you have troubles or problems. Let me know, otherwise I'm going to begin posting soon.

The Test |

This is a test of the new steve post system. Had this been a real post, there would have actually been something.

The end.