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"Welcome to my head. My thoughts, dreams and pretty much anything else that gets blurbed out."

How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In A Fight? 26 December 2007 |


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Holidays 24 December 2007 |

Went to go and get one of my best friends from the airport in Chi-town. Apparently there are no signs on 55 that lead you to O'Hare. So I didn't take the turn I needed and we ended up in downtown Chicagoland. *shrug* It was worth it. We met a guy named, "PaPa Moe" and I kid you not. Thats what it said on his name tag. I walked into his 7-11 and asked if he had a map, which of course he did not. So I simply said I was lost, (Yeah guys. There is no shame in asking for directions) and asked if he knew how to get to O'Hare. To which he said, "Air-a-porta?" In a thick Italian accent. I noded and he quickly replied, "No..No no, but I make phone call and get you directions."

The guy made 6 calls and im fairly certain he was just calling his friends and asking directions. Well, unfortuantly none of them knew how, so we set out to go back to the car. Then, his phone rings and Papa Moe says, "Oh hey! Yeah, I call to get directions to airport. You know from my store?" 5 minutes later, we had directions.

Papa Moe. You rock my socks off, and though you are probably an Italian mobster, I still wish you a happy Christmas.

Which brings me to another topic. My Fiancee recently told me that public places are calling Christmas Tree's, "Holiday Tree's" now.

What. The. ....

Folks, Its a Christian holiday. Not an excuse for you to buy, wrap and give gifts. Its nationally recognized because at one time this was a proclaimed Christian nation.

Here is a thought for you folks sitting at home, not recognizing Jesus as the reason for the season.

Would you participate in Qunza? Hanukkah? Aww, why not? Would you make up some man in a funny suit so that you could celebrate them without feeling guilty for molesting a religious holiday?

I have no problem with you joining in. Please, don't feel that I don't want you to be with me for Christmas. But, literally, For Jesus's sake. Acknowledge that you are participating in a Religious practice.

For some of us, taking away our Religious right and making fun of it is really offensive. "Santa" Is an effort by the mass media to abuse the Holiday that was laid down for this nation as a "Christian Holiday".

For those of you still confused. Santa Clause can be found here. Not in the North Pole.

Thats all I've got time for now.

Thank you Jesus, for the day of your Birth. Thank you Joseph, for enduring the social pains of having a pregnant Fiancee in that day and age. Thank you Mary, for your faith and strength.

Though this won't win me brownie blogging points, and I'm not the best Christian in the world. I hold dear to my heart my beliefs in God and his son Jesus.

*deep breath* Ok, im done bible thumping. (joke) Feel free to flame me all you want, if you have a legitimate argument I will leave your comment.

Otherwise, for those of you who feel like spouting something random and blasphemous, come wednesday It will be deleted. :)


Meh. 20 December 2007 |

You ever have a day where alot of stuff goes really wrong? Then one thing goes right, and its enough to overshadow the events of before.

Yeah, that was yesterday. I realized that two people I call "Friend", where just that. They where friends. The kind Everyone wishes they had.

Today isn't the best day every. But I have two more people who make it better.


"..snow sucks." 16 December 2007 |

So do cars. Recently, my 1993 Mazda 626LX has decided that it wanted to go to car heaven on me. The reason I believe that my car is deserving of heaven, is that i only paid 2 grand for it and it has lasted me 3 years. Thats a tough little car. 3 years, and almost no money put into it other then gas.

So, if it is indeed time for my car to die. I wish to say adue and give my car an E-kiss for all the wonderful times we have had. Now, please just get me home?!?

I went to see my Fiancee for her schools Banquet and had quite a wonderful time. I also got to spend time with one of my best friends. It was good to see him. He recently got married and pretty much fell off the face of the planet for about 3 or 4 months..mabye more. So yeah, that was super good times had by all.

Also, I went to see the movie "I Am Legend" which I must say was damn good. First off, and most importantly, before the movie starts there was a trailer for "The Dark Knight" which is the new batman movie. That in of itself was enough for me to want to see the movie. Personally, the rest of it could have sucked (which is most assuredly did not) and I still would have paid to see the trailer.

"I Am Legend" was one of those movies that when it ends, you almost cry. Which has nothing to do with the movie. You are just so overwhelmingly sad that the movie has ended that you sit for a moment in a daze and wish that there where 3 or 4 more hours of movie to watch. That my friends, is what a movie is supposed to be like.

After all of this amazing fun, and hangin with my woman and my bud. Thing of course had to come crashing down on me. God apparently has an amazing way of reminding me that its only by his permission that I even get through a single week.

As I started to drive home, my car began to overheat. Then the engine light came on, and then it started to vent steam and a little smoke. So I made it as far as my Fiancee's mom's house and here I sit monologuing the events of my past weekend inside my head while typing them out for the world to see.

Interesting weekend it has been.

On another note, I have desperately been trying to pick up reading again (Yes, it is indeed something you must strive to do) and I am really enjoying a book series I have been reading called "The Dresden Files". It's about a Wizard who works as a private eye in Chicagoland, and all the unfortunant things that befall a man who claims to be a Wizard. :) It's rather good in that "Dime store novel" kinda way. I have been enjoying it, although im sure it prolly is not for everyone.

Well, with that recount of my weekend and the impending doom that is sleep creeping up on my eyelids. I do believe it is time for me to go to bed and try and forget my problems untill the morning.

As always,


"..bad double post, bad!" 10 December 2007 |

I couldn't help it. Ten minutes of laughing later and I still think this is easily the funniest thing I have seen all week!

funny pictures

"..9 days later, i'm still alive." |

Wow, alot can happen in 9 days. People are born and die, whole groups of people have their country suddenly change and reform. Then, the world as we saw it takes a spin and we come out with something completely new.

So, for those of you who read "Live Science" you will have found out that apparently an underwater ocean has been discovered under asia (Of course) and that its rougly the size of the Arctic Ocean. Yep, thats right ladies and gent's, "The Arctic Ocean!"

Which of course means that now someone is going to need to fish in it to discover all the ancient types of fish and stuff that live down there. Then someone is going to get mad about that fishing and say that we are killing the endangered fish. Then someone entirely not related to the fish, is going to make a law about them that ends up killing them all off and everyone will blame the original scientist for it.

In other me related news, I'm really starting to get excited and a little frustrated about getting deployed. It seems the more and more I spend working for my boss (who will stay unnamed) the less I am liking the idea of spending 13 months with him/her. So, we will have to see how that pans out.

So, im going to tell you the story of a "friend of mine", because legally I don't think this "friend of mine" can post what im about to say about himself.

Two nights ago, we had a large ice storm where I live and there was alot of accidents and people who don't know anything about driving in ice decided it would be a good time to show off thier lack of driving skills. Well one such person, we will call her "Fingers", decided it would be a really smart idea to come to a complete stop at the bottom of a large hill before tryng to go up it. Now, I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world, (I really do, but thats beside the point) but something inside me told me I should deffinantly take the hard choice and not fallow right after her. So, that thought in mind, I silently watched and ignored all the honks and shouts of all the people behind me as I watched and waited for Fingers' attempt at making it up the hill.

Well, needless to say, Fingers came sliding back down the hill not to long after her ill-thought plan to "slow play" the hill drive. Which coincidentally stopped all the honking and yelling as realization set in. The fact that I just saved most of them the trouble of small claims court and a damaged amount of pride was quite a sweet thought for a while. One which was quickly ruined thanx to Fingers and replaced with an ever sweeter one. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the story of "my friend".

So, this time Fingers decides she is going to get a head start and actually use her accelerator and make it up the hill. I fallow suit and so does the rest of the gang and we make it up the hill. Only to see Fingers sliding down again twards us. This time however, I don't have the option of just letting her slide. So, instead I start to swirve and go around so she doesn't slide into me.

After words, Fingers begins to pick up speed and quickly overtakes me. So I let the car go by, and as i do Fingers feels it neccesary to earn her the name "Fingers". I quickly pull my ebrake and pull a U-ie and begin to fallow Fingers, in order to thank her for the kind gesture.

A few blocks down the road, Fingers stops and begins to get out and starts walking twards the house she parked in front of. "My Friend" Then gets out and proceeds to question the motives of Fingers and why she was such a retard and felt it was required of her to secure said fact by displaying her badge out the window with pride.

After a few moments of heated debate and a well put out boyfriend. My friend the turns and walks back to the car and gets in.

I drive around the corner a ways and park my car. My friend then gets out and walks over to Fingers' car and proceeds to make sure she can do no harm. Two flat tires on the side opposite the house later, the job is done. My friend gets back in the car, and we go home.

*sigh* Sometimes, life is sweet and you don't even need freaking lemonaid.

Thats all for now. Goodnight.


....what to do about monsters. 01 December 2007 |


The end.