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"Welcome to my head. My thoughts, dreams and pretty much anything else that gets blurbed out."

it hurts so good.

Wow! So I am finally home from my Military leave and let me tell you something. Visiting 4 Countries in 10 days is A LOT of work. 

However, I did get about 800 pictures and as soon as the 2 days of uploading Shutterfly has quoted me have passed I will post the best of them.

All in all it was a wonderful time and everything was perfect. The worst part about the whole trip was that it took me about 3 hours to find my dad at the airport coz we got mixed up about which terminal to meet at. 

Also, It helps having a wonderful Fiance for when you are missing home really bad. Thanks Hun for all the support and love. 

Also, Thank you to my Dad. I know I ran you ragged, but I appreciate you doing your best to keep up and for not kicking the bucket on me. Love ya Pops.



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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    27 September, 2008 04:32  

    my fiance, the delicate.

    you know....when we get married... i'm not going to try to change you...much :).... we just might be weaning you off the term "kick the bucket," though...

    in fact, I believe that is a stipulation in order to marry me. You're not allowed to use the term "kick the bucket".

    you are, 'oh-so' delicate and tender. *rolls eyes*.

    I love you babe. Happy Anniversary!

    -yours, heather top

The end.