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Went to go and get one of my best friends from the airport in Chi-town. Apparently there are no signs on 55 that lead you to O'Hare. So I didn't take the turn I needed and we ended up in downtown Chicagoland. *shrug* It was worth it. We met a guy named, "PaPa Moe" and I kid you not. Thats what it said on his name tag. I walked into his 7-11 and asked if he had a map, which of course he did not. So I simply said I was lost, (Yeah guys. There is no shame in asking for directions) and asked if he knew how to get to O'Hare. To which he said, "Air-a-porta?" In a thick Italian accent. I noded and he quickly replied, "No..No no, but I make phone call and get you directions."

The guy made 6 calls and im fairly certain he was just calling his friends and asking directions. Well, unfortuantly none of them knew how, so we set out to go back to the car. Then, his phone rings and Papa Moe says, "Oh hey! Yeah, I call to get directions to airport. You know from my store?" 5 minutes later, we had directions.

Papa Moe. You rock my socks off, and though you are probably an Italian mobster, I still wish you a happy Christmas.

Which brings me to another topic. My Fiancee recently told me that public places are calling Christmas Tree's, "Holiday Tree's" now.

What. The. ....

Folks, Its a Christian holiday. Not an excuse for you to buy, wrap and give gifts. Its nationally recognized because at one time this was a proclaimed Christian nation.

Here is a thought for you folks sitting at home, not recognizing Jesus as the reason for the season.

Would you participate in Qunza? Hanukkah? Aww, why not? Would you make up some man in a funny suit so that you could celebrate them without feeling guilty for molesting a religious holiday?

I have no problem with you joining in. Please, don't feel that I don't want you to be with me for Christmas. But, literally, For Jesus's sake. Acknowledge that you are participating in a Religious practice.

For some of us, taking away our Religious right and making fun of it is really offensive. "Santa" Is an effort by the mass media to abuse the Holiday that was laid down for this nation as a "Christian Holiday".

For those of you still confused. Santa Clause can be found here. Not in the North Pole.

Thats all I've got time for now.

Thank you Jesus, for the day of your Birth. Thank you Joseph, for enduring the social pains of having a pregnant Fiancee in that day and age. Thank you Mary, for your faith and strength.

Though this won't win me brownie blogging points, and I'm not the best Christian in the world. I hold dear to my heart my beliefs in God and his son Jesus.

*deep breath* Ok, im done bible thumping. (joke) Feel free to flame me all you want, if you have a legitimate argument I will leave your comment.

Otherwise, for those of you who feel like spouting something random and blasphemous, come wednesday It will be deleted. :)


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