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Dec 26th - Jan 8th... whew, I made it.

I made it. A new year.

As time draws closer to a close on this chapter of my life, I realized that most people define those chapters by the year or possibly by their birthday.

Being in the military, I tend to define those turning points as deployments. So, here I sit, waiting for March 28th when I am sent away in support of K410 (pronounced K-Four-Ten).

My holiday was a good one I think. I spent the time with my Fiancee and her family. Saw a bit of my Family and generally had a good time. Until we all got violently Ill and came down with the Flu. Let me tell you something. Georgia is a beautiful state in certain places and i was fortunate enough to be in one of them. However, It was not so pretty looking at it over the edge of a toilet bowl. But, by the next day we all felt better and it was time to head back home.

A few days of relaxing when we got home and all was well. Until I went back to work.


There can be nothing more annoying then coming back to work expecting to get paid only to find that you have been demoted. Let me explain.

Apparently someone who was feeling quite more deserving then me decided that I had not worked enough hours in the past weeks to be considered "Full time". Therefore without telling
me they also decided I shouldn't be paid full time. My, how considerate of this person. I came home to the wonderful discovery of being shorted about 200 bucks from my paycheck.

A part of me wants to scream injustice and tell this person that what they have done was in fact illegal. (According to our own company policy they are required to notify me, and to redo my status from full time to part time before they can change my pay.) Then, another part of me says forget it and drive on.

These are the kinds of things that make me want to give in to that part of my brain that says, "Do it. Just snap, go nuts for once in your life. You know you have always wanted to, and this time nobody could stop you." Then the crazy juices stop flowing and the murderous rage that had been filling my head stops and I settle down. (God, forgive me if I ever witness someone do something awful to my family.)

In a slightly less talked about portion of my there is this urge to want to destroy. To take all of that training I have gotten and use it. What good is it to take extra combat courses when the civilian world says you cant use them without being charge with "Deadly force?".

Oh well, such is life.

In a much happier portion of me, I have come across a rather enjoying game called : "Call of Duty 4". Which, if your immediate reaction was, "OH NO! Its call of duty 1, 2 & 3 with better graphic."

Tut tut! Don't be so quick to judge like I was. This game is not indeed either of the aforementioned games.

Its a modern warfare game, which has tried to be done before but only seems to fail at miserably. Yet "Call of Duty 4" has hit the nail on the head. I'm not going to give you a full rundown just yet as I am still making up my complete mind on it. I'd rather give a fair assessment then just blurt out, "Its awesome" while all the hype is still pumping through me. Lets just say for now, I've already beat the game and am working on the Online play and am really enjoying it.

I will leave you with this passing thought.

What would you do if you knew for 1 year, everything you did changed. Only that one.

Its a thought I have been dealing with as my deployment comes.


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