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Jan 22nd - 25th

I wasn't able to film the last two days becuase of the mass amounts of things we had to do right before we left. I will record a closing sometime in the next few days.

See you later.


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  • Anonymous Mom says so:
    28 January, 2008 17:58  

    I totally love watching your vblogs. The guy under the bunk cracked us up~! top

  • Blogger Juliet Alpha Sierra Oscar November says so:
    06 February, 2008 03:31  

    It's good to know that the Army's screwing you just as hard as they're screwing me! O man, you summed up my deployment to date in that video. Briefings....briefings....two, sometimes three times! 7 Shots, dental issues, cancelled training, whole days of down time followed by whole days of extreme busyness! Ya, let me just say that I hope you mobilize through Fort Dicks in th... *ahem* Dix. It's 2 months of that! BTW, see you in Iraq? top

The end.