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So I just spent like 45 min typing this post about how everything else has been going in my life and how most things have kinda been falling apart.

And blogger errors out! RAWR! I hate you Murphy, I really truely do.

Here is the condensed 5 minute version coz im really pissed right now.


Camera is having issues, so it will be a text post. I had to drive back in the freezing cold from our training because my friends partied a little to hard on the last day of training. I was originally going to be working the first two weeks in Feb, but someone screwed up and didnt tell me. So i worked half a day only find out I wasnt supposed to be there. Also, they have decided that everyone needs to drill this weekend. So i will not be able to join the 10th of Feb. Wow, how pissed off am I. While having all these days off, i met a guy named Wang from Shanghai, China. He is cool, so this morning we celebrated Chinese New Year, over the internet. That was pretty awesome, and waking up to something like that i can deffinantly enjoy.

Ok, 5 minutes over. Im gonna go be grumpy about this for a while and mabye post more.

9 More days till I leave for WLC.


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  • Blogger Juliet Alpha Sierra Oscar November says so:
    16 February, 2008 08:07  

    Dang, just missed you!

    WLC! You're going to get SGT before I get SPC! ARRRGGGG!!! You got SPC before I got PFC. Just once, I want to be the same rank! Even if for only a day.

    Anywho, I miss you! I miss coming over and playin WC3 until rediculous hours of the night. I miss when Heather would come to your house to see me....ahem you. ;-).

    Take care man! top

The end.