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dear brain, you can stop now.

Most nights, I lay in bed and think. Random things. It's weird how ones brain comes to conclusions, Idea's, or just random thought.

My good buddy and soon to be best man recently made a post that most people will probubly not read. Mostly because It's a long post filled with lots of really good information and people now-a-days seem to not want to sit down and soak in things being given to them.

One of the Issues I constantly fight with is realizing that I don't know everything. In fact, I know quite little about anything. I'm what you call a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" and quite frankly that pisses me off.

I really want to own my own computer repair/build/game shop. Yet, I don't know nearly enough about computers or business. I bet you a dollar I think I do.

Yet at night, when I sit in bed. All the lies I tell myself come flooding out and I realize how much I don't know or understand. It's Like God is trying to talk to me at night and it's the only time I can hear him.

I dunno. Right now, I'm feeling very lost. One of those day's and places where you sit and wonder why. About almost everything. I mean, I'm secure in my Love for my Fiance. I'm secure in where I am and what I'm doing right now.

But man...I'm 23 years old, a compulsive exaggerator, terrible with money (if its shiny i buy it), and have issues keeping my mouth shut and controlling my worrying.

So what do I do next? Day's Like today. Suck.

dear brain, please stop thinking like this.


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The end.