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the town, the bridge, the church and the beer.

This is the story of when I went to beerfest in Regensburg, Germany.

First, this is a shot of the Danub river. A very famous river in Germany. Many a painter/artist has had famous paintings done of this very river.

Also, One with me in it just for some proof of purchase ;)

In the back, you can see the church that was once the home of our current POPE! How cool is that?

Next is the Danub River Bridge. (Not the one I was on when taking the pictures) The bridge is supposedly like 700 years old (Was told this by a local) and is also super famous.

This is the previously mentioned Church. Wasn't able to get the name of the church, but I'm sure its online somehwere. (It's late, I'm lazy) However, It did take me 3 shots to get the whole church. It's roughly 25 stories tall, and took like 200 years to build! Is also very very cool.

Again, a little proof of purchase of me in front of the church. If you look behind me you can see some wooden scaffolding. Becaouse the New Pope is from that church. They are fixing it up a bit in honor of him. Coolbeans!

As for the beer. As I was writing this. I was informed that to many of the pictures where incriminating. So Without further Adue, I give you the only beerfest picture I am allowed to post. Sorry folks.
Hope you enjoyed my walk through Regensburg as much as I did. It was a blast.


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  • Blogger Juliet Alpha Sierra Oscar November says so:
    29 May, 2008 08:28  

    So you got a lappy 386? Verry nice! You didn't quote battery life though. Is it like 10 mins or just enough time to save your stuff and shut down your computer properly? LOL.

    The laptop world isn't so bad. Especially when you don't have the room for a desktop. However, I'm itching to have a desktop again. I miss the dual 22" monitors and the seemingly unlimited power.

    Lucky you, you get to actually see Germany! All I got to see was the inside of the airport. How long you there for? top

  • Anonymous Deanna Belardinelli says so:
    04 June, 2008 08:03  

    You are officially the coolest person ever O.O top

The end.