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You ever have one of those days, where you wake up and your brain has already contemplated the world without asking you too? You realise that your dreams weren't really dreams, but you thinking about your life while you slept. Today was like that. I woke, and realised I had been thinking about life. Lots of stuff that I hadn't thought about over the past few months came into my head and I just spent some time thinking about it.

The first thing I thought about was that it will be my brother John's anniversary of his death soon. It's weird, because I think about him a lot. If he would be proud to have me as his brother, given everything that I am. Then I wonder what my other brothers think about me and I get a little saddened. I hope someday that all of my brothers and I will have the kind of relationship I wanted to have with them and John. *sigh* I Love You John. Say hi to Papa, and great Grandpa.

The next thing that I found myself thinking about while taking a shower, was what it means to be a man. I mean, where is the check sheet for man-hood. As I began to dry off and think about that more. I realised my situation in life. I had set my standard of manhood based on what I believed my Father to be. Which was a little weird because as I thought more and more about it, and I started to wonder why I didn't consider myself a man. I mean, most of the things I considered him to be, I was seeing in myself. The only things I didn't have where the Wife and Kids.

Yet, as those thoughts flooded my head, and I spent considerable effort to shove them out of the way while I shaved. I had to stop midway through applying cold water to my thousands of mini cuts and think, "Am I A Man?". Weird. Hmm. I....I guess I am a man. I'm an adult. With his own idea's, morals and plans for life. After that, I just started to wonder what the rest of my life is going to be like now that I have realised this.

Then, something popped into my head that I had to stop and think about. Someone recently called me an "Intellectual" and my first reaction was, "Nah. I'm not that smart." Which, after I thought about. I had no idea what the word Intellectual really means. So I Looked it up and this is what I came up.

"An intellectual is one who tries to use his or her intellect to work, study, reflect, speculate, or ask and answer questions about a wide variety of different ideas."

*looks at up at text and realizes*

I Think to much.



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  • Blogger Juliet Alpha Sierra Oscar November says so:
    15 May, 2008 07:14  

    Can I copy and paste most of this post on my blog? Cause it's very true! top

  • Anonymous Dad says so:
    17 May, 2008 13:59  

    A man does what he thinks is right, provides for those God has given him to care for (some for a season and some for lifetime) and does his best to honor the God who created him.
    A man takes pleasure in work because he works to the glory of God. He takes pleasure in the loved one of his life, for they are his only real treasure here on earth. Also he takes pleasure in all of God's creation, both the beauty and the utility.
    An intellectual man also ponders the nature of his existence and purpose. What does God want me to do, to acomplish His purposes, and how marlevous it is the He would use mortal man.
    An intellectual man wrestles with the thoughts of higher calling and purpose beyond those of immediate need. Many times waxing in vainglorious thought to rediculous ends-- and needs to be reminded that most of the truly great revelations about nature and God are simple ones: Love God, love those God brings into your life, work hard, play hard, and enjoy the days you are given. top

The end.