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"Welcome to my head. My thoughts, dreams and pretty much anything else that gets blurbed out."

at this my body

Isaiah 21:3
"At this my body is racked with pain, pangs seize me, like those of a woman in labor; I am staggered by what I hear, I am bewildered by what I see."

Wow, why is my life like 99.9% boredom fallowed by 0.01% shear terror?

Let me just recap the last two weeks in a short paragraph.

As of the 15Th February - 1st of March, I was attending a military school called "Warrior Leader Course". It's a course you have to go through in order to get promoted to Sergeant, or at least in my unit it is. Well, I was under the impression that it was a gentleman's course. Boy was I dead wrong.

Let me describe a gentleman's course. You get up at 7ish, have your first formation at 8, then class until 5 and then you go to bed. Your standard Army day. Maybe some out in the field training, where you sleep on a cot and things of that nature.

Hell to the "F" no.

Let me give you a rundown of the first 11 days. Wake up, 3:30am. PT (physical training) from 4-5:30, then shower, shave and clean the barracks for inspection by 6:15. Then we march all over and have formations and chow (eat breakfast). Then, we have class from 8 until 9:30pm! Yes, that rights, I said 9-FREAKING-30pm! Every hour we got a 6 minute break (basically the amount of time it took one to smoke a cigarette), and we had chow (lunch and dinner) at noon and 5.

Then, at 9:30 you had to go back to the barracks and clean and study for the next day. Because you had tests and inspections and all manner of inhuman treatment. Not to mention the constant yelling and getting into trouble that you had back in basic training. Always standing at attention in line, no talking in class, marching everywhere you go. *sigh*

Needless to say, the first 11 days sucked.

The next 4 days however, got slightly better and worse at the same time. The better parts were the fact that you supposedly got more sleep, and that it was a little less structured. Other then that. It was still sucky.

Those 4 days where FTX (field training exercise) days. We had to pack all of our gear into a ruck sack (roughly 80 lbs) and walk all over kingdom come with it. Then load into a big Army truck and make sure everything is, what the Army likes to call, dress right dress. Which means it needs to look EXACTLY the same as the one next to it. By exactly, I mean you get yelled at if someones strap on their pack is longer then someone Else's.

Then you get to the field base and setup tents that don't have floors. Its just 4 canvas walls big enough for 8 people. Which of course meant it had to rain, and when I say rain. I mean someone was floating by the end of the night, and everyone's everything got wet. Then, it also happened to be winter, so it needed to be pretty much freezing all morning and scorching hot in the afternoon. It also doesn't help that the ground is terribly lumpy and littered with red ants and chiggers. So you spent a pretty miserable few nights in the field. The days aren't much better as you spend them stomping through the woods doing land navigation courses that were designed by Satan, and make you pass through the gauntlet of thorny fire. The thorns that state has, I will swear were designed by God to really test your want to pass land nav.

Then, you spend the rest of the time running missions and such, in which the whole time you are being graded. When your not being graded on something, your playing the bad guys for someone else and running around pretending to be terrorists. Which is a lot of fun. Until someone gets a little to into it and puts an assault rifle to your head and starts popping off blank rounds. You get a little uneasy about that seeing as how dozens of people have died from someone accidentally having a live round in one.

Then you go back to base, have 1 day of graduation and the next day get dropped off at the airport at 5:30am regardless of what time your flight is. Mine just happened to get me back home at 11:30pm. So I put on my best sweet talking face and asked the nice lady at the counter to get me a better itinerary. To my wonderful enjoyment she got me home at 8:30pm. So, I only had a 6 hours lay over at DFW (Dallas fort worth).

Then, Home.

*sigh* Its been a long day.

On a brighter note. Heather and I went and registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond today for our wedding. (We still don't have a date yet sence I don't have any orders and therefore do not know when I come home)

So yeah, thats my update and I'm stickin too it.


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  • Blogger moosetracks says so:
    03 March, 2008 17:35  

    Hey Steve,
    Good to see you're having such a great time. Sounds like something a guy would love to do once in his life until he's actually done it. BTW, did you get the news that I'm engaged? You heard me right... Micah top

  • Anonymous heather says so:
    06 March, 2008 12:28  

    I love that when you write stuff out like this...

    it's so dramatic...it has you on the edge of your seat like u'r watching Grey's Anatomy or something...

    ...hahaha ....drama.....

    love you babe. top

  • Anonymous myth says so:
    06 March, 2008 19:43  

    you should popped over for a visit while you were stuck in DFW! 30 mins away from here top

  • Blogger Juliet Alpha Sierra Oscar November says so:
    08 March, 2008 03:25  

    Dude, getting deployed is sooo much easier than WLC. It's been a long time since I've dress right dressed my stuff. And the last time I woke up at 3:30 was basic. Granted, I just pulled a 2200 to 0600 guard shift, but I got 4 hrs of sleep before and 6 after. I hate the Army how they have these stupid high regulations in training that are never seen in real life! I need to talk to you on the phone before you leave! Laters. top

The end.