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the days are long, the nights are longer.

So it's been a bit sense I was able to post last, so hopefully I have enough time at the moment to make this post worth reading. :)

To start, last week I was at home and had a great deployment ceremony. Then went out to eat with my family and friends. It was a good time.

I would like to say hello to a very special young man named Ethan. Hiya Ethan. Folks, Ethan is my new good buddy. Tell your class I said hello.

As of right now I'm at Camp Atterbury, IN. I'm working and training on an 18 hour a day shift. I get up at 0500 and get to bed around 2300(11PM). Training is going good so far, lots of briefings and going over our tasks and setting up our individual sections. (Sorry, can't give greater detail then that ATM)

A wonderful piece of news though. For those of you who know me, you know I had to get some surgery done on my back and arms and legs to remove some fatty deposits before I deployed. Well, I had all the stitches pulled last night only to discover that the ones on my back split open and are greatly infected. (Hmm, maybe that's what all the back pain has been about)

So, because of that I've been gimping around the base trying not to make things worse and yet do my job at the same time. Not a fun endeavor by the way. However, I'm doing all right.

Soon we will be working on our weapons qualification and training, so that should be a lot of fun. This time around I'm going to be qualifying on a 50CAL. (Big Gun for those of you not in the know)

As another wonderful piece of news, the chow hall is roughly 2 miles from where we work and live. So my gimpy butt has to huff it 3 times a day to the chow hall.

So, other than not being able to sleep at night coz of being in pain, and not being able to walk right or lift stuff. Life is pretty good. I've got a good group of guys working under me. I'm really thankful for them.

Well, I gotta go.


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  • Blogger Ethan says so:
    07 April, 2008 20:16  

    Hi Good Buddy Steve,

    You are my best buddy ever.

    Thank you for sending me the pictures of you shooting the big guns - just like my soldiers do. Be careful with the guns.

    I have told my classmates about you.

    Ethan (age 4)
    Ethan's words typed by Mom. top

The end.