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the drone that i am...

Mmm, 7am to 9pm errrvyy day.

I recently got back from my 3 day pass and I seriously need like a week more. It was good to see friends and family, but there was just way to much to have to do. So, now I am back, training away like the slave that I am.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate Indiana with a passion? I've never really had allergies before in my life. That is until this horrid horrid state called and my nose answered. So, here I sit, sneezing and drooling from the nose all day while trying to complete my missions. This seriously sucks. Itchy eye's, sneezing all day and runny nose. ARG!

Oh well. As a good note, I got to spend some time with the woman I Love before I had to come back to this pit.

At least I've got a good book to keep me company.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    02 May, 2008 22:08  

    i love you too!!! and i'm SUPER excited that I got to see you. I miss you already.

    -yours, heather top

The end.