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So today was qulification day for our weapons and thankfully I am a 50 cal. gunner! So of course I got to don my gear and shoot stuff. Thats pretty much the best part of being in the army. Big guns! (and no ladies I don't mean my arms.)
Click each picture to see the full Image.
56k'ers beware!

The ol' Thumbs up, always a classic.

If you look close you can see the smoke from the round leaving the chamber and a link from the chain of rounds flying through the air.

Ahh, sweet sweet fully automatic action.

Aight. Time to sleep, tomorrow is our regular weapons qualification, so I will be out untill its dark so we can do night fire as well. *sigh* Silly shooting in the dark.

Note to Ethan: The weapon that I'm shooting in those pictures can shoot over 15 football fields accurately and is so powerful, it is illegal to shoot them at people. Scary! They can destroy tanks. You can tell your classmates that, I bet they will be impressed!


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