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the fallen

..or rather, me.

This is a story of a guy who tries to hard to help out his friends.

It's also a story of how much I hate European work ethic. Their Idea of hard work is, "I worked 4 hours today without a break. Let's call it a day".

Well, when people with that kind of an attitude build things like "houses", or the army lets them build "Barracks" because outsourcing the job is cheaper then having the Army Engineers come and do it. You get terrible craftsmanship and the potential for things to break.

This is what happens when you are trying to work on networking in the ceiling and the support beam you are standing on, decides it want's to stop support things. (BTW, I was 700lbs under the maximum weight limit for the beam. Someone just decided it was faster to use one bracket to mount then the four you are supposed to have.)
The End.



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The end.