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Pic update.

So, lets start things off right. First and foremost, we fly Black Hawks! (Me, I'm just the Comm's Guy)

Here is my Best Man and I playing Ping Pong At Camp Atterbury. *sigh* I miss him, and I'm looking forward to him standing next to me at my wedding.

*Setting it up for the slam!

Ready. Set. Go!
Getting ready to run home while playing Softball!

Most Important of all. My Number.
Here I stand, with my Love and my devotion protecting me. June 27th 2009 is the day I become Complete.

I Love You Heather.



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  • Anonymous Mark says so:
    07 August, 2008 20:16  

    hey, bro. love ya.

    (P.s. i want you to know whats going on with me so dont forget to check my Xanga site @ www.xanga.com/bunchofbananas top

  • Blogger jason says so:
    11 August, 2008 11:29  

    I don't recall....didn't I win that game of Ping-Pong? BTW, I'm 4 and 1 so far here at Taji. top

The end.